Skid Sprayers
Buyers Guide

About Skid Sprayers

Skid sprayers are extremely useful in a variety of horticulture and agriculture applications. They are mounted in truck beds, utility vehicles and trailers to more efficiently spray larger areas.


With a skid sprayer, the sprayer pump is powered by either an electric motor or gasoline engine. With the higher output provided, especially by a gasoline engine, operators can use a longer hose with the spray gun.


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How they can vary

  • Tank capacities typically range from 40 gal. all the way up to 500
  • Component quality often varies depending on how much durability you're looking for
  • More commercial-grade options available

Our Top Pick

50-gal. UTV Sprayer from Kings Sprayers

Compact, chemical-resistant sprayer turns your UTV into a high-pressure spraying machine

What it is

This Kings 50-gal. UTV Skid Sprayer features a 50'L x 3/8" I.D. high-pressure spray hose and a high-pressure spray gun with quick disconnects. Includes adjustable pressure regulator and adjustable hydraulic jet agitation. Weighs 170 lb.

Why it's the best

  • Lightweight aluminum frame is chemical-resistant and will never rust or need painting
  • Adjustable pressure regulator and hydraulic jet agitation
  • Durable pump holds up well to most fertilizers and herbicides
  • High-pressure hose and gun with quick disconnects
  • Proven customer feedback from the field
  • Great balance of features and price

Looking for more?

Skid sprayers are ideal for tree and bed spraying, fertilizer and pesticide spraying, weed spraying, firefighting, high-pressure mobile cleaning and more.

Cover large areas fast and effectively with one or more rugged skid sprayers from the top brands, Fimco and King's.